Seething Airfield has a long history of air shows with Waveney Flying Group's first public open day and air display in 1961. The following years saw this "Air Rally" become a regular event with displays of aircraft from local clubs such as McCauleys and Felthorpe (both still in existence today) joining with other historical aircraft.


Following a gap of a few years when no air shows were staged the Charity Air Days which we are now familiar with began. These not only raised funds for local and national charities but also provided local charitable organisations to a platform on which to promote their cause. The Seething Airfield Charity Airday has now grown and become a popular event raising thousands of pounds each year for good causes.


Great Yarmouth Airshow


In this video, Seething member, Dan Gay discusses his involvement in the 2018 Great Yarmouth Airshow.


Dan flies a Rutan Long EZ aircraft built in 1980 by Mike Moran and Barry Castle, two musicians who worked with Queen's Freddie Mercury.


2018 Events

2019 Events

Battle of the Bands Saturday 7th July 2019




Next year, live music at Seething Airfield,

There will be two stages for bands to compete.


If your band would like to enter - email alix at:



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